You Okay?

by You Okay?

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released April 5, 2013

Recorded in March of 2013 at World Championship Studios.
Produced/Engineered/Mixed/Mastered by Evan Blaine.

Vocals/Guitar - Sam Kuhns
Drums - Max Magnon

Guest vocals by Dominick Fox on "Mr. Chainsaw".



all rights reserved


You Okay? Cape Canaveral, Florida

Sam Kuhns
Max Magnon
Mac Patterson

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Track Name: Eats Me Alive
Well, does my whole equate to an empty pack of cigarettes?
Were all those mistakes I made building toward nothing but regret?
And I can only deny it all for so long
Before the person I used to be eats me alive

I'm sick of lying to myself
Sick of pretending not to through everyone else
I'm sick of being nice, turning the other cheek
And then because of that being perceived as weak
I'm sick of other people's expectations dictating my personality
But most of all I'm sick of being sick of me

Some days I wanna wake up someone else
But mostly I don't wanna wake up (at fucking all)
When your own biggest enemy is yourself
Can you really get anymore fucked?

I swear to fucking god this beach town
Will be the death of me
It's like the ones I hate always complain
But only people I like ever actually leave
My own hypocrisy is suffocating
The biggest complainer has always been me
Just leave me here to stew
A product of my own apathy

And what am I working toward
When nothing seems worth fighting for anymore?
Why does nobody give a shit (especially me)?
There's something wrong with me
Throw my limp body out to sea
And hope that no one catches it
Track Name: Untitled
The silence crashes in like waves I'm not ready for
As it washes over my face
Cuts me off at the knees unexpectedly
In one final fall from grace
Existential crisis be damned, I'm just trying to keep moving
Head low, eyes straight
It's not so much self destruction
I'm just trying not to feel anything

Because I'm so god damn tired of everything
And it feels like everyone's grown tired of me
Why bother, what's the difference?
It all falls to pieces anyway

I'm so god damn tired of everything
Track Name: Spicertown Rentals
Nights like tonight make me never wanna go back to Florida
'Cause I know how what that heat's gonna do to my head
And as we walk through the cold back toward your house
I shoot a prayer up off to whoever that I'll never again have to
Wake up in my own bed

Because something about getting drunk with a stranger
In the city that I was born
Is so much more romantic than getting
Drunk at home all alone
And my numb feet are but a small fee
For a slate wiped totally clean
And as you're taking a piss off the balcony
I'm assuming you know what I mean

'Cause the humidity accentuates and alienates,
And sometimes I feel like it's more than I can take.

Give me the comfort of no one knowing my name
Give me the sanctity of anonymity
Let me leave my past transgressions on the coast
The sunshine state can keep all my mistakes
All the bullshit dreams and the time I wasted
And every embarrassing line I wish I never wrote

Just bury me face down in the snow
Far away from everyone I've ever known
I won't bother coming back
I'd rather fucking freeze to death
Than spend one more day in my day to day
Everything's still fucked up, and it's not okay

Nights like tonight make me never wanna go back to Florida
'Cause I know how that heat's gonna make me feel
And as I'm passing out on your living room couch
I say a prayer to heaven, or more likely just upstairs
That the past doesn't have to be real.
Track Name: Mr. Chainsaw (Alkaline Trio cover) ft. Dom Fox of Bad Luck